Friday, 22 July 2016

Berlin with a view: a guide

In falling order of ticket costs: spots from where Berlin can be observed from above.
The infamous TV-tower. For 14 €, you can see the city from about 208 meters and even have a drink at this height. For 21 €, you can get even higher, to a restaurant. The elevator moves 6 meters per second - but it takes about an hour before you can access it, so be prepared to take a drink or do some shopping here at Alexanderplatz. 
St. Matthäus-kirche at Potsdamer platz. Totally worth the 1€, if views are ever designated a monetary value. 30 meters of height and an extreme feature: the ringing bells. They ring next to your ears and wind blows through the semi-covered windows. I matched the 17 o'clock ringing, but dared only to stay in the tower during one strike. Afterwards, the entire tower still was swelling with the remnants of the oscillating sound, and so were my chest and my legs. Really cool. What you see: part of Potsdamer platz, an empty parking lot, an expensive library (it has guided tours for free at 15 on Fridays), three cool buildings - of which you might want to visit at least one.
Bundestag. Entirely for free. You have to queue in line to get a ticket though, sometimes more than an hour, and can decide to come late at night or three days ahead. Don't forget your ID. The cupola alone is spectacular - and open in the middle! Water falls inside here ehen it rains and is used cleverly. For the life hacker, you could try to book a table at the restaurant up here, which saves you the time in the queue.
Victoriapark. This view with the waterfall is also for free, but is better when the leaves on the trees are gone. For glimpses of the city, summer time works as well. 

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