Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Almost two weeks in Germany's capital.

Day 12 in Berlin: a friendship richer. A new favourite beverage with organic rose leaves discovered. Have started acting like a guide myself: "go here but beware the queue...", "it is about parts of the city and not one specific place..."
Clubbing happened at Klunkerkranich. Inside a mall that itself is closed these hours, take the elevator to the garage on the top floors. Good view of the city, dance floor with nice music AND you can hear the same music at a separate terrace corner while talking to your acquintances in normal tone. Neukölln Arcaden is the mall. Karl Marx Straße 66.
Seen: art at the largest (and abandoned) industrial complex in Europe. 
Heard: a concert that we found out woud kick off in a quarter of an hour, by pure luck. Kids and adults on bassoons in an unexpectedly cool hall next to the river.

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