Saturday, 23 July 2016

A light show, a political wall, a hamburger

It is called East Side Gallery. On the remaining pieces near the river, one side has been decorated by different artists. On the other side, there are the true stories and photos of people in Syria who have been injured from the war. Next to it - a hotel with a music profile. If you wish, you can have a piano delivered to your room.
Cross the Oberbaum bridge with two castle-like towers, and under another bridge and in the middle of the road is Burgermeister, a tasty place M. had recommended based on his last visit to Berlin. He was right, and it was worth to stand in line for 20 minutes. But - skip the fries, and mind that there are only places outdoors. I wonder, how do they do it winter time?
A few times per month, there is a light show on the premises of the German Bundestag. On the buildings where meetings are held, and on a bridge that connects two of the buildings, there is what feels like a 3D film in colours that depicts a brief story of the wall and the parliament. Here, WWII will not be forgotten for a very long time.

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