Sunday, 26 June 2016

"The Girlfriend" by Karolina Ramqvist

She loves it, can't live without it. Has never been able to make it work with "normal" guys. But the life as the girlfriend of a gangster also tears her. He can be gone for weeks, and though having left her another, new, phone in the big immaculate house he got her for Valentine's day, he does not call or text. When he gets home, he can have scars on his face. Fall with his face down. In her previous apartment, he hid cocain behind the flour, which was fine by her once she found out she was the only girl he wanted. And she cannot ask questions - this is not how it works.

"Flickvännen" is based on Ramqvist's own life. She has flickered by in my Facebook feed as suggested friend, which felt like a direct link to the gangster world. But - as my friend and colleague said - always differ between the work of an author and the author herself. And this author is a good writer.

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