Friday, 17 June 2016

New in: a statue

This peace-working lady is a new Stockholm exterior detail, as of 13.30 yesterday. There is still a sign next to it saying "here there will be a statue, you can donate money for the charity organisation who took the initiative", and by chance I ended up at the mingle (I was not invited, just happened to be there for other cultural reasons) which succeed a lecture on the "opening" of the statue made by Peter Linde. In part, she brings Alva Myrdal (a Nobel prize for peace laureate) back to life, and Inga Thorsson, who was nominated three times. Their portraits are visible on each side. Indirectly - all women involved in a struggle for peace. The organisation in question is Swedish doctors against nuclear weapons (Svenska läkare mot kärnvapen, they in turn received the Nobel prize in 1985).
 Found on Djurgården, when you walk towards Rosendal castle.
I also wear a scarf and tight dresses that move with the wind when I struggle for peace. 

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