Wednesday, 8 June 2016

My words from 2016, part II

Mockup - a photoshopped dummy

Interconfessional - something groups of different faith have in common

Autoethnography - a research method that concentrates on the personal experience, reflections and narratives

Sufism - a mystical dimension of Islam

Hüzün (Turkish) - melancholia, or, according to the mystics in sufism it expresses the souls anxiety or grief we feel when we are not close enough to god.

Mutatis mutandis - basically how to solve a situation that is similar to another situation which is covered by the law, but not identic.

Plethora - overabdundance

Afte (Swedish) - ulcers, often found in the mouth.

Glamping - glamorous camping. Almost in-door camping.

Occam's razor - when one better choose the simplest option available, of course within reason.

Glasgow salad - french fries!

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