Saturday, 4 June 2016

My recent food experiences

I was invited for dinner at STHLM Tapas.
My flawless recipe for pancakes is "take as much as you like of each ingredient". Warning: doesn't work for cakes (a friend has at one point said that one can throw my cake to the ducks and in doing so killing them with that weight and then just pick the bread up and reuse it. Hey, I am learning).
One of the best dishes you can have is that made by someone else.
A friend's mud cake is becoming her speciality.
At Rosendals trädgård on Djurgården. Organic and an entire yard filled with flowers and apple trees and hip people (in a hip way, even). 
Home made.
Soup at Artipelag on Värmdö. They have great food. Go here.
Burgers at Vigårda. I am struggling to like the place.  I mean, interior is cool and everything is fancy, and yet food is not as great as the cool chefs making the recipes could have made it. 
The best part about sushi, I still find till this day, is the soup that comes with it. And then the sushi itself, of course. 
Greek delight when C. was in town for a visit. 
 I care for tea more now. There is actually a great difference in tastes if it is fresh, and it is an art to take it out from the water just on time before it becomes bitter. My favourite is white tea, which is the least processed of all sorts.

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