Saturday, 11 June 2016

Museum Mission: Tyresö slott

 Join the cozy magic! This is my new favourite castle. 
It started being built in 1620 and was finished by 1633. It has of course been renovated since, and in 1719 Maria Gustava Gyllenstierna removed the towers to make it look attacked. The Russians that came the conquer the castle then thought it was already conquered, and let it be. (I do question this story, though. After having visited the museum Hamn, which takes pride in presenting both the Swedish and the Russian view in history writing, I know for sure that uncompleted stories should be examined further. Here, it seems that something is missing. What was the actual reason for the Russians being on the island?) From 1930, when Claes Lagergren decided to not let his sons inherit the castle, it has belonged to Nordiska museet.
Let's go inside. 
An original detail: the heating system that still works!
Library interior.
There are two floors to visit, but the top one only during a guided tour. There are audioguides as well. If you join a tour, make sure to stick to the guide: if crowded, you will be too far away to hear about the details. 
We were told that this place is a bit like the TV series "Downton Abbey": there was a clear hierarchy among the staff, of which the three most important persons got to eat on a top floor cantine, and the rest on the ground floor. There were two different kitchens - the castle owners' food was not even prepared in the same kitchen as the staffs' food. The children did not get to dine with the couple until they knew how to behave and ate with the servants. 
Another "Downton Abbey" reference: the early installation of the phone. The phone system required two machines: one for local calls within Tyresö, and one for the entire country.
There is a lot to explore, but still doesn't make you tired. Fun fact: one of the wings contains two apartments which are rent out as ordinary housing to people. And you too can be in line!
 For the most part, it feels like a home. But it is very, very cold here, even during the summer.
When looking out the window, if you turn to the right, there is a beautiful English park.
And the view from one of the bedrooms is supposed to be "timeless": Gabriel Gustafsson Oxenstierna cut off the land strategically to not let any modern buildings appear on the shore around the water. 
Make sure to come here.
You can get some inspiration for interior design, for example. 
For my part, I will try to find some of the interviews made with the castle's workers from the 1970's in written form.

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