Friday, 24 June 2016

Museum Mission: Rosendals slott

Rosendals slott is one of the museums where photos are prohibited inside. The bigger mystery! I like this castle a lot - there is so much information that links Swedish modern history with the past here, and it is beautiful, of course. My best recommendation is to get a guided tour for yourself - which I by pure luck had last week. Then you can ask questions. It was here I found out that Jean Baptiste Bernadotte was adopted by the age of 47 to become a king as legal as possible in people's eyes, and that he would not have become the king had not the Danish crown prince Karl August fallen off his horse dead by a heart attack during a calm show in Copenhagen (guide said), or during military practice (this site says). Dead either way. It was also here I found out that prince Gustav composed the music to one of the most famous Swedish songs: Studentsången.

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