Monday, 27 June 2016

Museum Mission (extended): Fjäderholmarna/Båtsamlingarna

Fjäderholmarna are 25 minutes away from the core of Stockholm and is the first official archipelago
island. Which has two everlasting exhibitions!

One is about small boats and dinghies, handmade and donated.

Some with fishing nets, ropes and sails, mostly from the previous Century but some also made in the late 1800's.

Some are to sit in.

Others for transporting cows.

But there are are things to observe and enjoy as well.

First, there is the endless cuteness.

Then, war artifacts.

This of course has been a military base during the Second World War.

But also is the only island that offered boat tours for free to make it possible for people to buy  alcohol much cheaper than in Stockholm - known as the "alcohol war" (my own translation). This is explained in another exhibition - but unfortunately, it is all in Swedish only.

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