Monday, 6 June 2016

Last summer - in Norrtälje

I went to see Malin and to visit Penningby last summer. We did get to see Penningby, but only from the outside - we went for a second visit a few days later. While waiting for those next days to come, we strolled around in the city - here we are at the art hall of Norrtälje; here you see the great moment Malin just completed a portrait of me.
Every summer, artists place their work on the local river.
Then we went to th emost expensive flower shop in town.
The roses below look like chocolate ice creams. We were not convinced they were edible, nor was the staff. We unded up believing it was a waffle- and rose- decoration.
This is what I looked like last summer.
A glimpse of the museum Nortälje konsthall.
It is quite high up, and at the top one can get out and visit Pythagora's museum. Getting to that soon.
These two towers were to be demolished, giving way for new apartments with sea view.
If you have not been in the city for three weeks, at least two new restaurants or boutiques will easily have opened by then. This is summer city; the population increases from 65,000 to 2000,000 over summer.
Struggles between the few people wanting to build apartments in the beautiful forest and those who did not calmly raged.

A glimpse of Penningby alley. Check my "Museum Mission" cathegory to find this visit documented in the archive! If you read this from a phone, click on "view web version" at the bottom of the blog.
While stranded waiting for the bus, some love from nature. Malin's colleague actually passed by in a car, he told her afterwards, but thought that we surely did not have to wait for half an hour, which we actually had. 
A nice town to visit on a summer day to get the vacation feeling. 

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