Monday, 13 June 2016

Kayaking adventures day 2

We kayaked again! At Riddarfjärden, around Lilla essingen and near Långholmen. 
I had a more advanced kayak this time, with pedals. And this was almost the first time that I fell in the water, because of a huge wave that came from the wrong side, not because I was taking photos. But the second thought was actually "this looks amazing, I should document it".
Some of us kept a faster speed than others. (I was the slowest).
Future researchers will have sooo much material on humans' perfect and documented every day lives.
From the most thrilling angles, even.
I had decided the tour in advance and it felt cool to decide where we all of us should go, as if I was some water route expert. (I had even made time calculations by measuring sizes of islands for comparison. It turned out to be correct.)
Good choice of route, too: we liked passing under bridges and none of us had seen Kungsholmen from that side before. This is still Lilla Essingen, though.
Olle had a good point: you make all the trouble to get out here, write a graffiti tag, and all you come up with is "aoh".
This is taken with an underwater camera, by the way. 
The plan now is to practice some more, and then head out to the archipelagos and stay the night on some [maybe uninhabited] island.
ADVENTURES for sure.

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