Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Being an adult could mean modifying time, and glass

Step 1. Organic chemistry course fresh in my head, I assumed that opening this glass up would be as easy as tearing a pasteur pipette apart. (It is very easy.)
Step 2. Aah, it needs far more heat than one flame. But no way I can make 4,500 C here on the cliff. Let's improvise to focus the heat. Hi, cute guy passing by for no reason. Yes, I  always wear these cool laboratory glasses, thank you for not asking. Aah, I have to crack and not tear it open. Oh, that was a very uneven edge of glass that tore off. (This is the second hour glass on fire.)
Step 3. Aah, it is done when the brown coal has turned white. Now, let us put a piece of the mountain on fire to naturally get rid of the stearine. 

Step 4: "put what you wish inside and seal" with clumsy glue and clumsy fingers. Squint and consider it as good as it gets given the conditions. 

Step 5: send the hour glass by mail and hope it will reach the right person on time.

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