Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The day I won a luxury dinner

I won a luxury dinner! I found the competition through this blog and applied with the motivation about how nice it would be to hang out with people of different ages, and got to go to an actual apartment in Solna last Thursday where a couple and their two small children live, where the luxury restaurant Strandvägen 1 had moved in for the night. There were like 25 guests, and a dj, and cool chefs, and a discrete TV-team.
The waitor didn't think I should be choosing between the desserts, but should have both.

Splendid idea. The OTHER waitor was in minor shock about this.
The chef responsible for the desserts, that I mentioned was cool, was actually THIS cool.
She is not entirely done with this tattoo, either. It goes on.
Next to me was a nice married couple that had met at work, one could say. For six months did they say hi and throw glances at each other. As she told us: girls, one day HE will just be there. 

We had a lot of delicious courses. I also decided to remember the names of some wines.
My delightful company.
Cozy atmosphere: it is someone's home we are at!
And luckily, there was some alcohol free champagne too :)

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