Wednesday, 25 May 2016

"Something is not right" by Martina Haag

A praised book by many on not really divorce, more the prelude of a separation, but a divorce just as well. Full with spot-on quotes, many say. Many are also happily surprised by the new style - Martina Haag has previously only written humouristic books.

There are many great quotes, quotes long as one phrase but also many long phrases put together. I am not all too taken by it though - maybe because I have not been through a divorce, but I still understand the actions and thoughts of the main, female character. Mayhaps is my lukewarm reaction also the result of having read too much about this oeuvre before actually reading it.

Most updated readers also know that this is based on a true story, experienced by the author herself. The even more updated reader with a pinch of insider information knows that there is not always room for the entire truth in a book that you want to be a bestseller. 

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