Friday, 13 May 2016

Scientifically based norms, perceptions - and air flow

Conversation with a technician in a secret room at my school, where the heart of the air-providing pumps beat.

"You guys at school don't have cooling aggregates", he says.
"Oh but we need them."
"[What,] you work in the summer too?"
"No, but it is hot now already."
"That is true, unusually hot for the season. But it would cost you a million for installation and only be used for a week [per year]. You guys are totally dependent on scientific norms, but at companies, if you perceive it is hot, they will make it cooler, just to take your mind off from it so you can focus on being productive. It is a psychological thing. At Campus Konradsberg, they have the best climate systems [I think he meant un building related to the education system - here is where you study in Stockholm to become a teacher], but people feel depressed there, because it is not possible to open the windows. You know, one wants to feel free and opens a window. And you can't."

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