Sunday, 22 May 2016

My previous governments

You might not know that I have been a prime minister twice already. Here are some traces of my inside communication with my Minister of Justice from 2013.
Translation of the answer:
Minister of Justice! We have candy and coffee, we do not want to take more of the tax payer's money
/ Prime minister (me)
Good Morning! Just wanted to remind of me being a bit late today. Hope that is ok. 

/Minister of Foregin affairs

Just saying: do not post things on Facebook... 
(/Prime minister - me!)

We also got tired of fighting our (slowly growing) enemy Northland and asked on the behalf of our minister of foreign affairs if their Minister of Foreign Affairs wanted to go on a date (after having sent regrets on her divorce). We sent a white collar-image (like five years old, taken at a party when the "minister" probably was very drunk) with the comment "you have seen my beauty portrayed on several press photos". She answered ("she" being simulated by the stab at the Swedish Defence University) "thank you, but I am happy with my new girlfriend". 

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