Saturday, 28 May 2016

Museum Mission: Kronobergsbageriet (secret room edition)

Today was a special day: various "secret rooms" around in Sweden opened up. Museum-like buildings that normally are closed to the public, but belong to you and me as a cultural heritage (these exact words uttered today by one of the guides), are displayed every fourth year.
 You probably recognize this building. It used to be Teater- och musikmuseet. 
 From a different angle.
 One part of it was a bakery for about 300 years. Technically, there were two buildings, that later were built together and could produce up till 60 000 loafs of bread per day - all for the army, following special royal recipes. 1.7 kg bread would have to last for two days for a soldier and was so dense that it had to be dipped into water before being eaten. It was called "the secret weapon of the army".
 Some rooms are litterally not in use. 
 On the attic, there is a concert hall. 
 The flour was sliding down in big packages, as I understand it. 
 The bread made especially for the officers were softer and tastier, and available for us to taste today.  I liked it! I took the recipe home and will try to make one myself. Next to me stood a lady who said that when she was a child and passed by the bakery, it always smelled so nice. By that time, the bakery also had started producing bread to the public.

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