Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Museum Mission: Artipelag

 Artipelag is a beautiful place.
Building is airy with what people call a great view. Brunch looked also very, very promising. I will get back to you on that.
The Legacy of Andy Warhol is the current exhibition, ongoing till September. These Brillo boxes are a fun story that can be summed up with "many were made". Even the company itself was contacted for more and eventually contributed with some, that were all accredited Warhol.
I really like this place. Perfect to bring a date. You can go here by boat, too. 
"What would a warhol look like?" "Like a war hole, a hole in the ground after a bomb."
Note that those to the right are mannequins.
And so is this.
When this is art, I draw my line. Sure, we can discuss why portraits of humans and objects should be standing upright, but we do not have to do it while watching. 
Every second visitor this weekend must have been French.
As you noticed, this exhibition in particular was not a favourite of mine, but as I told my company, those who made it probably had quite fun.
And I thought it is best going here in autumn, grace to all the colours.
I was proved wrong; you can go here any time, it is always beautiful.
Warhol's artistery can be summed up as "the more people that produces it, the merrier, and the harder it is to prove that you did it, the better". Clever: in this way, much art can be connected to him anf the iconic status remains intact.
Bye, modern art. See you some other time.
 Oh, and don't miss the rooftop terrace - I did the first time I was here.
And the brunch is fine.

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