Friday, 6 May 2016

More stuff I did and experienced in Amsterdam

In the western part of town.
In the middle.
The flower market! With cannabis starters kit available. Rules are funny: you can sell drugs as a shop, but can not buy any as a shop.
I bought a flower here that seemed really cool, but nothing of the promised is happening just yet.
Bikes are as common as raindrops in a rain, you will always risk to run into one.
Barber shop. Those men behind the glasd seemed to have a really good time together. 
Great architecture. This is where the balloons appear to be forbidden (see previous post about Amsterdam).
We were lucky with the weather; an unusual thing for this town.
Central station.
Fancy plants, fancy arrangements.
Proud parking.
A splendid idea: on this cylinder, one hangs up lost and found.
Heavy history luggage.
"Not without my coffee."
Superpowers practiced.
Still with the coffee in one hand. I did the same, but with a fancy shopping bag in my hand. Good thing by the way: a new law requires shops to ask for payment for plastic bags - to save plastics. 
Could be directly from a stylish architecture magazine.
A chocolate in (Dutch) fashion: chunky bites with sea salt and caramel.
I did not quite figure out the biology of this.
A bit of history. 
A café.
Most honest service in a(n already Flemish honest) town in this food truck: when you ask how long it is going to take, the guy answers "I have only two hands". Unpolite in a polite way, we said.
A favourite shop.
A street.
Another street.
A channel.

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