Saturday, 9 April 2016

Themes for a more fun/deepened reading experience

A book is written as a dialogue between the author(s) the reader's wit. With few of us contacting the author, his/hers editor or cover designer for further discussion, let's make reading more fun. Each bullet point may be (dis)connected (from) to the other.
- stop reading at a cliffhanger. Write down three descriptions of what you think will happen next and why, and which you want to happen the most, and why
- for at least three books in a row, only borrow/buy those with a yellow cover (do you see a connection between themes, like, tend only sports books from 2015 be dyed like this?)
- and then only blue
- in the middle, introduce a new character with qualities that would change the plot considerably, and that would make the reader (not necessarily you, it can be a friend) understand the other characters' actions better (best done to books you did not fancy, or fancied a lot and have read it over and over)
- pretend you would have torn out five pages here, two here. How does that change the story? Which did you choose to eliminate?
- make two major or minor actions change places. If it did not significantly change the story, did it add to the elegancy of the style?
- rewrite the end, or the beginning, or both (does not have to be long, some crucial points could suffice)
- swap endings between two similar books (for more coherence), or (to make it more fun) with books of different genres (say, sci-fi meeting Romanticism from the 1800's)
- exchange the leading female character with a divorced widowed father of two
- change the title to something more suitable and catchy (probably most fun with thrillers)
- style the cover differently (I intended to do so with Ford's "Canada" for over two years now)

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