Friday, 29 April 2016

Museum Mission: Index

The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Index, is a new hall of arts in Stockholm. When I came to visit, the concept was this: once a week, an art student or an artist presents the same exhibition, by Stephen Willats, from his or hers point of view. This means it is unique every time! And can be revisited over and over and seen with fresh eyes.
We were few at the guided tour, which enabled us to discuss what we too saw in the art presented.
And the art does not end with the walls of the hall; it bubbles over. Outsides, it continues - more obvious like this sign (that is not meant to look too professional, the artist insisted!) but also spread out in town (there is a map if one wants to trace it down), sometimes not at all obvious. What definitely is not obvious is that this lady lives in one of the adjacent buildings! That takes the art to a new dimension in a way: among us, close to us, more closer than we know. 

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