Saturday, 2 April 2016

Museum Mission: Armémuseum

For free, with a blog on how exhibitions are made, seminars, a temporary theme called "knitting for peace" and a vast yard with cannons and warfare trucks - voilà, Armémuseum!
There are three floors, which are recommended to visit from the top and down. Starting with quotes on the horror of war, screaming monkeys frozen in the act of a deadly fight continuing with war trophies and scenes from the war and everyday lives throughout different centuries.
Some figures are very credible.
And of course there are shiny (and not) uniforms, weaponry, and touchscreens with information about plundered ("won") items. Some countries refuse till this day to return what is not theirs and hAve ithe dis played in...museums. Looting is forbidden since many years ago.
Remarkable is that those who did not fight, dropped the gonfalon (or left it on the field to run for their lives) were punished with death. It really is a no win-no win situation. 
 Easy it was not.
 Courier mail.
I am not sure - gun power or tea?
 When in doubt who was the ruler - look at the coins.
Randomly, this is the museum I have been to the most times. And never gets boring. 

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