Monday, 21 March 2016

Time for Flower Power

I love having colourful flowers at home. My previous apartment was so warm though, that no bouquet was longlasting. I was thinking of putting bits of ice in the vases - till I discovered temperature can reach 60 degrees Celsius when sun shines on the windowsill. In other words: pointless.
My favourite flower depends on the context. As a rule of thumb, I try to vary the species and colours as much as possible when choosing the next arrangement of flowers.
Freshly shopped new member to the windowsill. Lyckliga lotta, or balsaminer, are great. They might look like they are on the verge of dying in a shop, but then you take it home, strip it bare of old petals, water it regularly, it will show you its gratitude for at least a year ahead.
A rosey-cheeked rosebush on one single stick. A favourite that lived for one day.
Like fruit salad, but flower salad. I chose every single one myself, which included almost every flower I liked in that shop. The orange-pinkish rose is called Pink Floyd.
Light and placements are as important as the choice of flowers. I try to put the vases on places where I tend to look the most, for example the most visible spots when entering a room.
M.T. gave me these tulips during Christmas - perfect when the nature is so empty of colours.
I met one of the headmasters from work at a flower shop, where this posy was being styled to surprise a colleague of hers. We chatted a bit with the flower stylist and I learned that that the Pink floyd rose opens up so that it becomes FLAT when blooming fully.
Inspired by the thistles above, I created my own nosegay with his unusually coloured rose called Harlequin.
As a good bye and a thank you at the end of the semester (it was timed like in a film, the moment I entered the staff room; it was my turn to go to the stage) I got an amaryllis. It really does not look like much in the start, but then explodes into four red, shining trumpets.
These look like flames, N. said.
A friend's mother gave me the idea to combine low-cut flowers with short ones to give a sensation of a bigger volume.
This rainbow on a stick N. got before he left for Japan (tomorrow!), from what I think is my favourite flower shop from now on. This is just one flower (that has been dyed with a special solution) + additional leaves.

Do you have a favourite? 

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