Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The chandelier story - friends come to surrender

After searching the antiquities shops (and becoming dangerously close to being the owner of a Maria Therese from the 60's), after having made an attempt to maybe perhaps puzzling my own prisms together, after surfing the net and finding inspiration in baroque rooms (premises of IVA), I settled for this rather boring Ikea object (after some advice from M.T. over the phone):
You see, I was going to pimp it with colourful prisms myself.

Well, except that...

...There are no colourful prisms available in Sweden. I found an orange Swarowski version. And a lamp with blue prisms (which makes the project lose the point, I don't want two lamps to style one). That is pretty much all. 

That is how I stumbled upon this gypsy lamp, decided to become its owner and to return the other. 

And then I decided to colour some of the prisms. That required a phone call to Ikea, as the glass dye I found at a hobby shop was for all glasses EXCEPT crystal glass and duralex. (And had to dry for 24 hours! And, upon that, put in an OVEN for 40 minutes.) That is why I had to precise the product specifics. It went as far as that a technician had to get back to me with the details.
 But time went by and I was quite happy with this unstyled Scandinavian cold beauty.
Then L.W. underlined that my ecological thinking was equal to zero, and linked to Auktionshuset Kolonn where antique crystal lamps are auctioned at very low prices (for comparison, a precious chinaware I saw - 55 pices for 400 SEK?! It is cheaper than a flea market!). Her own father had found a crystal chandelier in a container. Me, I dryly draw the line at dumpster diving for chandeliers.
Also K.N. saw the lamp - and liked it - but since it turned out that the prisms were genuine plastic, she also implied that I should get a real one, as it is all abut the glass clinking (and nother having it as source of light, but here I disagree). M.T. said that if I have four of them, then it is almost like living in a castle. Me, I liked the thought of having a summer chandelier and a winter chandelier.

Ikea replied: of what is glass, it is soda glass. So if I want, I can paint the middle part with the colours I have. And so far I have not. So it probably will keep the colour of ice for a long time ahead.

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