Tuesday, 8 March 2016

New sex aspect: plain interest in the female body

Gosh, my visit to Linköping this weekend was like attending a conference with many different aspects. Very enlightening and enriching.

My friend's friend's friend, let us call her Sophie, explained that her boyfriend is not ok with her kissing other boys, but fine with her kissing girls.
My question: what is the point in that if she is straight?
"I see myself as heterosexual, but I find the female body is fascinating. [Makes shapes with her hands] I do not get aroused by girls, but I like kissing girls. Mostly when I am drunk, though. I know a girl that likes when people touch her boobs, like, "can you touch my boobs please?" on parties, and I am happy to do it."

This opened up my eyes a bit. I think nuances are important. Instead of subconsciously bunching Sophie into a cathegory of sexualities I already know about, I do not want to define what she explained more than using her own words. As the gender awareness is rising, and we begin to discuss sexualities more often more openly, "new" variations of sexualities come up. Variations that actually has existed for a long time. 

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