Tuesday, 15 March 2016

My Words as of 2016, part I

Boondoggle - SUCH A USEFUL WORD. Quoting Wikipedia on this one:  "a project that is considered a useless waste of both time and money, yet is often continued due to extraneous policy or political motivations." 

e.g.exempli grati

i.e. - id est

panacea - a remedy for all ills or diseases (would be good to have! Sometimes it is known as "common sense")

Avbräck (in Swedish) - ekonomisk skada

Kontraindicerar (in Swedish) - something that indicates a curative should not be used

Fjälster (in Swedish) - sausage casing

Tribologi (in Swedish) - the study of friction

Varselkläder (in Swedish) - clothes in neon bright colours you wear when at a building site, for example

Systemutvecklare (in Swedish) - a programmer, but that varies between companies anyway. This type of business is so new, that every successful gaming company can still be tracked down to bunches of friends that started a company.

Glencheck - those squares on a textile

Chide - to berate

Apori - a complexity or a contradiction

Jösses anåda - like, "oh my god", but as a very old expression in Swedish

Radondöttrar - decay of radon

Nyttig idiot - a version of a scapegoat

Ofostrig graviditet (in Swedish, have not yet found the term in English) - a pregnancy when the placenta grows and the body behaves as if it is pregnant with swelling breasts etc., but no baby is actually there. Ends with a miscarriage and the placenta still has to be pushed out after many pills and much agony.

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