Saturday, 12 March 2016

inbox vs outbox

Outbox first.
Here you see a 1793 motif called "I want! I want!" that went off to London.
Air mail with massive snowflake sent to Reggensburg, Germany. 
London again. I really fancy the relief.
Local in Stockholm. For the gender aware message inside, the baby's mother quoted me on a site for, well, gender aware mothers.
 I use the sets of these cards as letterpaper. Both found in Denmark, I am very pleased.
Stamps gone worldwide!

And inbox:
Message inside in French with a clue!
In a parcel with plenty of tasty stuff, also came a message with love and attorney (!).
 This birthday card with origins from Uppsala guarantees me a luxury brunch some day.
One of the top favourites: delivered by the sender herself and with a very warming and witty almost-poem.
It rained men all the way from London.
And the next most recent: a brief note from Linköping. 

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