Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Book club at night with strangers

00:23 a.m. in Stockholm.

Me: *reading Gomorra on the subway*
Girl 1: *sitting on a seat nearby, thrilled about the pocket book in her hands*
Girl 2: *trying to get her friend's attention*
Me: *smiling in their direction*
Girl 1: don't you agree with that it is so hard to stop reading in the middle of a chapter? I so want to finish it!
Me: nah. Depends. If it is a good book, it is nice to get back to a cliffhanger.
Girl 2: we are having a book club. Half past twelve in the night!
Me: is it a thriller you are reading?
Girl 1: how did you know? Yes, it is called "Black Ice". *flashes the cover*
Me: I could tell by the design. I am reading "Gomorra". *flash mine too* What is your about?
Girl 1: *hesitates but is encouraged to go on* A girl that is kidnapped but falls in love with her kidnapper.
Me: does he fall in love with her?
Girl 1: well, yes, but why? You have to read the book to find out.
Me: mine is really good too. You know when people talk about 'the mafia'? There are actually several 'mafias', all with different names. The author comes from one of these system-dominated areas and has often himself seen the situations he describes.
Girl 1: so it is like a documentary, but in book form? I shall write it down.
Girl 2: I remember. I will help you.
Girl 1: the mafia is from Sicily, right?
Girl 2: yes, they are!
Girl 1: so it really is a book club! See you here next Tuesday!
Me: hours are a little bit uncomfortable.
*we smile and here our ways part*

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