Thursday, 17 March 2016

"Alive each second in time"

"I varje ögonblick är vi fortfarande vid liv" is overwhelmed with praise and price(s, probably soon). Even the librarian commented happily on my choice of book, like a sign of good taste (!).

Titles sometimes change completely when translated and have NOTHING to do with the original. So - the topic is what I would call the book if I got to translate it and yet freestyle a teeny tiny bit.

It is a book about death. He loves her, she gives birth to a baby girl the caesarian way: she has acute leukemia and dies within more hours than days; so it feels. Thedialoguebasicallygoeslikethis. No quotation marks, little spacing, adds to the poetic feeling and is demanding on the reader and is very much under the skin of the writer. It is his own, true story. Then dies his father. And life goes on, in a whirlwind of memories.

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