Sunday, 13 March 2016

"A mother takes shape"

Which I guess would be its title in English. The Swedish one is "En mamma blir till - för alla som längtar, väntar och ska föda en bebis". The author is Malin Wollin, and she is the reason to why I chose the book. This is what happens when a blog is not enough. I did the same with Nina Åkestam. When she stopped blogging altogether, I bought her book on reflections about jobs, society and one's relation to all that and used it as a substitute because I missed her texts so much. 

Wollin's language is spinning fast with funny and spot-on references. She is basically your very good friend that shares what she has been through - not only four children, but also the more than double times of miscarriages. She shows the pain, and the immense joy. She screams so loud that she is heard in other countries and shows up at the front door when nobody has texted her any news about her newborn godchild for two days. She conquered her boyfriend as a bulldozer does a cherry tree. On her blog, people keep asking if she is that funny on a daily basis. She is. And the book is practical, too. 

By mistake, I somehow registered on her blog in a comment column and mothers and mothers-to-be praise the book for making them laugh so hard of recognition that their tears could be used as a water sprinkle (if one were to use what potentially would be a Wollin metaphor). I bought this book as a gift for a friend's child's non-christening party, and think that many other readers would enjoy it. 

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