Thursday, 25 February 2016

My "while I am waiting"-book

"Gomorra" by Roberto Saving is awesome. Well-written, a close-up only a writer who has visited places and experienced situations himself can write - it really feels like you are in Italy - but it so happened, that while desiring for other books, I grabbed this. I actually started reading it two summers ago, and since it is a documentary, there is no problem to just continue reading where I stopped. All of this while searching for two books in Swedish that seemed cool. And while reading "Entre les murs". And having started on a book about the brain. Sometimes the timing is just not timed.
But I totally do recommend it to everyone. It makes me wonder why not MORE people do drugs. Makes me understand the politics in Italy better; it is to a large part family related - the Gomorra, for example, also referred to as "the system", is a big, big family network, and so are its equals. Or competitors, they often are. It gives a good insight in the harbours of Italy, how fashion houses can survive on their reputation (it is supported by the black market, that does not make copies - it makes ACTUAL items that are no different from the items sold in the fashion stores, because they ARE the same), and violence is explained in a non-violent way. Why would not one carry a knife to protect oneself? Totally understandable. 

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