Monday, 29 February 2016

New jacket = more time outdoors

Today is a leap day that coincides with vacation!!! SO much extra time to do stuff. Like, using my new jacket a lot. I got it yesterday as a total surprise and almost considered ice skating indoors at Nordiska museet wearing it, but they don't have ice. They have some other cool coating that leaves the surface as warm as the room is. So not a good occasion to wear a new warm jacket. But maybe if I arrange a picnic outdoors? Some friends had picnic when it was -14 and snow in January (they called it 'extreme bbq'), so now would be a piece of cake (it is roughly -2).

Saturday, 27 February 2016

This week I have...

Been brunching with friends. My mug matched the colour of the tea brand - and so did everyone else's! Even though we all had different teas.
Come up with ideas to two different stories and a second treasure map. This time it will be really complicated. (And discovered a place called Kaferang that is cozy. I had green roiboos - so it is not always red?)
Attending a talk about Ellen Key at Hallwylska palatset. My question took 12 minutes to answer.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Thursday, 25 February 2016

My "while I am waiting"-book

"Gomorra" by Roberto Saving is awesome. Well-written, a close-up only a writer who has visited places and experienced situations himself can write - it really feels like you are in Italy - but it so happened, that while desiring for other books, I grabbed this. I actually started reading it two summers ago, and since it is a documentary, there is no problem to just continue reading where I stopped. All of this while searching for two books in Swedish that seemed cool. And while reading "Entre les murs". And having started on a book about the brain. Sometimes the timing is just not timed.
But I totally do recommend it to everyone. It makes me wonder why not MORE people do drugs. Makes me understand the politics in Italy better; it is to a large part family related - the Gomorra, for example, also referred to as "the system", is a big, big family network, and so are its equals. Or competitors, they often are. It gives a good insight in the harbours of Italy, how fashion houses can survive on their reputation (it is supported by the black market, that does not make copies - it makes ACTUAL items that are no different from the items sold in the fashion stores, because they ARE the same), and violence is explained in a non-violent way. Why would not one carry a knife to protect oneself? Totally understandable. 

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Night walks ftw

Sunday night I went for a walk with delightful company. We slided on the tiles next to the boat, cuz they were covered with frost. I ate a chorizo sandwich of turkey (this is just to give you the cozy setting) and was bribed with chocolate to check a floating sauna out.
And there were cool lamps on a small island. And I quoted a poem. And the wind was not blowing, so we could enjoy the below-zero atmosphere and not shiver.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Rucksack pimped too

I "embroidered" the last touch on the four-hours bus tour to the ski resort Romme: a red string of pearls.
It springs around (frames) a 2009 carousel. Quarnevalen is a parade by technology students when some of the main streets in town are closed off every fourt year and there are self-made interpretations of the term "car" and puns. Squalp (the inscription on the badge) is a version of it, on water. In a much smaller scale. Still in Stockholm. I knew some of the students who's contribution was a floating carousel, and in that student union it is a tradition to make badges of most things, a good way to create memories.
The pearls on the zippers are completely independent and without a story BUT SO COOL.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Highlights of past week (not birthday related)

1. This song: "U r a Dinosaur". Cheers you up if you sing along.

2. I went to Fuji in Japan, without going to Fuji in Japan. My school was selected as one of three in Sweden to try out panorama tours offered by Google and their virtual reality glasses. Well, this is cool to SAY. Technology is not developed as I expected it to be - we sawill panoramas, not moving images. An insider told me that it IS developed, it just has not reached the customers yet.

3. My hand standing! A hand turn is easy, but only this Thursday I could stand on my hands for AN ENTIRE SECOND for the first time. I yelled and cheered and bounced about. The challenge is to stand longer.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

A (birth)day full of surprises

Louise invented a new game for my birthday celebration, Ilo made me wafers for lunch and Silvia came with both a secret message and a scientific cake. I HOPE all the three cakes will last for several days. 
*phone rings*
Olle: Suppose I would be outside your front door and had to get inside. What would the code be?
Olle: Aha. Suppose I would want to know which floor you live on, then what floor would I have to go to?
Me: YY Y.
Olle: And suppose I would have to ring the bell on the right door. What name is on the door?
Me: Q.
Olle: Ah. Actually, never mind.
*hangs up*
....and comes seconds later with a painting of me made of spaghetti and beans that he and Claire had made last midnight.
I also had three singers from Senegal singing for me live on Skype for half an hour, including "Happy birthday" in five languages. A TOTAL surprise, as you see on the picture. Anne and I wore the same sweater, by the way. She came in the middle of the night and since her phone did not work in any way, she had to use one of the oldest methods to get inside the house: screaming JANA so that all Janas living nearby would come out. Almost like a Romeo and Juliet scenario, winter edition.

What I had done was to suggest everyone to make surprises for me, instead of planning my birthday celebration myself. Wise with experience, I now know that an effective method is:
- suggest hours to your friends when they can surprise you
- start a chat where you connect everyone with everyone and then leave the group (so that your surprises do not become un-surprised)
- don't panic. If times do not match or ideas are hard to realise, just ask everyone to come for dinner in the evening. In the end, all you want is a good time with your friends. Adrenalin or chilling can be decided there and then.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

What happened in the elevator

I get out, a friend gets in. He is in chock of joy. Leans against the wall, looks upto the ceiling where the paradise is spotted and giggles. He waves vaguely with the letter I wrote him, which caused this state of euphoria: it contains a treasure map, with our own inside joke references, including scooter racing as a common way of transportation.

Before the door slides closed behind him and he is still in sight, I tell a colleague that is passing by:

"You see that man over there? It is me who made him that happy."

Letters is one of the vedimated keys to happiness.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Jessie Burton, can we quickly discuss your book? I have to read it till Sunday.

And I have no time. None. But I have a book club. FINALLY. Last time I made a book club attempt, we shared one book and took turns to read it. We discussed it with maybe five phrases, but hey, it is not supposed to be a deep analyse test and we covered the most important anyway.

This time - most likely equal gain, equal loss.
In hindsight: definitely more gain than loss. 

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

How to age well

Have wheel chair racings! (E.'s idea.) Simple as that. There mere thought of aging must not necessarily be connected to slow things down.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The ingredients of my dreams

The ingredients are displayed directly on the front, with capitals. If you turn the bottle around to see the list of ingredients, as is common, you will just see the same information but with smaller letters. What a dream! All food should be like this.

Friday, 12 February 2016

It is scary to lose weight

I mean, there is less of... ME. I was surprised: where did it all...go? And when do the muscles start to show? 

Thursday, 11 February 2016

"Those British know how to nail an exam",

My friend E. says, "and it works. I know a girl who is at the end of her Master degree and has not opened a book throughout all the years."

This depends on that they do research about the books, E. explains further. When writing about a book for an assignment, they read reviews, and other peoples' writings about it. This means that they never get to practice having their own opinion, E says.

"But it is plagiarism!" I say.

E. thinks for a bit.

"In an indirect way it is."

Thoughts on this? Is a change in the school[ing] system in place?

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

How my friend's parents got married

H.'s mother's ex boyfriend invited her (the mother) and her boyfriend (nowadays, H.'s parents) to their own wedding. They had been together long enough, the ex boyfriend thought, and sent them invitation cards. He did not plan it at all though, and left the country for Belgium when he met his new girlfriend, so H.'s parents had to do all of it themselves in the end, but still.

H. does kind of the same. For his birthday, he told everyone there would be a surprise and showed up at a friend's place: this is the surprise, here I am with some friends! 

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Charming Stockholm

City is filled with hidden surprises at inner yards - this time, something that looks like a castle if you walk though that entrance in the mirror. 

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

My favourite way of receiving jewellery

Wanted this kind of bracelet for so long and then suddenly I am told: close your eyes. I do, I feel jewellery is put on my left hand and when I can look at it, I exclaim: it is so nice!

"It is your's", I am told.

Thank you!  <3

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

High five to play the game

Grab an egg each. With your free hands, do a high five to close the circuit and start the game. Awesome game idea I experienced at this weekend's game jam at The Museum of Technology in Stockholm.