Sunday, 17 January 2016

A Treasure Map for Ilo

 For Ilo's birthday, I came up with a treasure map. She would have to walk around in Old town, collect clues and when puzzling them together figure out where her gift was hidden.
22 clues in total, most of them in envelopes but sometimes also revealed to Ilo by friends and family I had asked to stay inbetween and next to historical monuments. This key was one of the more complicated clues that lead to the fountain on the main square.
 The antiquities shop on this street had an Egyptian temple and nextdoors, an actual ancient dungeon. In other words, this mysterious clue was inside a treasure coffin under ground.
 The name of this block was very important. 
All in all, it took two hours to think about and collect the details and everyone was really happy! 

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