Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The gift documentation. Materialistic AND non-materialistic version.

I heard horror stories (well) about how people received gifts for the sake of giving. I strive for each gift to have its own reason, meaning and history. Sometimes I succeed, but it is not always easy. Like, I almost got a gift from a person who said "this is so YOU!" and the gift was so much not me, and the same happens the other way around. But. This year's two Chistmases were quite successful. It started with me and delightful company pimping (I will come back to this word often) the Christmas tree in the living room further. That is how I came up with having four glass baubles hanging on the same branch. Of couse symmetrically spread out throughout the tree. At the back, L. made some goblins party around a hanging Christmas tree in miniature. Very meta.
Backing in time, J. surprised me with this cake-lookalike at work.

...which contained roses.
The well-chosen book, together with many wishes for my prominent future, was given to me from a team of colleagues. M. had insider information about my plans for hair formation.
More well-chosen books. As for the envelope, that is what contains something non-materialistic: it took a close friend more than a month to formulate the exact words on this very personal matter. Of course, I can not disclose what.
Nominated for most stylish gift 2015 (but didn't even make it to the finalists). 

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