Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Pimping a calendar.

All black and ugly and not exactly how I want it, I decided to pimp my new fake-crocodile-leather 2016 calendar. (This should perhaps have been a step by step comment-with-picture post, but I got carried away. Also, glued fingers when photographing is not optimal anyway.)
Starting off with: black from behind. Black in the front.
Not black entirely anymore! I am still considering if I should glue some feathers on. The pimpier, the better?
I added a pocket at the back for notes and cards and other necessities. My genius move was to cut the pocket diagonally. #awesome
To keep the pages and pocket's content together, I made a  matching black rubber bracelet with a wooden pearl. The edges are glued to prevent the texture from dissolving into fragments of threads. (I use a glue that takes 24 hours to dry and is good for most surfaces. Dislike hot glue guns.)
No feathers, but tada!
And now even more pimpier! 

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