Monday, 11 January 2016

Museum Mission: Det nya museet (The New Museum)

Inside what used to be a church, there is a museum. I would rather label it an art hall, but then the interior is after all a church, not too ornamented but still more detailed compared to contemporary, sterile white art halls.
That is the top floor. At the bottom, there is a brewery with no connection to the museum except that it rents the premises from the municipality and decided to sponsor the museum with the top floor. The entire place used to be a different museum found nearby - Marabouparken.  
Don't worry, this does not mean that interior smells like beer. As the i side of thr building is q-labeled, it means that the brewery uses a system that does not even let a drop of vapour out, which is unual for this kind of production. (And at some point, somebody must have had the idea of calling the beer produced here a sacred beverage crossing their mind?)
Current exhibition is by Karin Frostenson, who combines comics and art.
The organ seems to be split but intact.
For free, one of the newest museums in the area and found at Sundbyberg, very close to Stockholm. 

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