Friday, 29 January 2016

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Right now

...I am a model. In the small mirror to the right, I can see parts of the oeuvre, cool!

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Museum Mission: Åbergs museum

S. and I decided to cross the champ and a small river (with no bridge, not the spot we were at) to get to this museum that is situated in Bålsta, but can be found on the map of museums in Stockholm. Skokloster castle is also in the "area", but many kilometres in the other direction. 
It started off well, with cows. We just missed the entrance because we came from the least common direction.
 The good thing is that you can listen to the audioguide through your own smartphone (and from home!).
 Lasse Åberg, a Swedish artist and actor, has himself met some of the cartoonists who's work is displayed in the museum. He himself lives nearby in a small house and has done so for a long time - quite unusual in a time when people move around a lot. 
 Awesome paint.
 I am not a dedicated cartoon reader - but S. is. She decided not to do any research on the museum before we went, and could yet be my guide.
 Cartoons are easy to read - in fact, too quick for me. But that is part of the point.
 Have you heard of bronies, by the way? If not, do google it.
 Picasso could have been a great cartoonist! Some predict retrospectively. Yes, this IS in fact a cartoon stripe by him!
 Pinocchio being saved.
 I learned that a main "story" can be owned by one person - a company - like Walt Disney's "Ducktales", but different cartoonists can be making stories up or just being responsible for the visual part. One guy first used to draw sketches of models for runways before becoming a cartoonist - which makes the people he draws quite expressionless.
 And the visual part not only tells us a plot and its details but has to guide the eye with the right size and space of the boxes, and the right amount of ink so that events are easy to follow in the right order.
 Behind each name, there is a vast story of style and reason. Don Rosa and Carl Barks to name a few. And did you know that Bud Grace, who created 'Ernie', started out as a nuclear physicist? His style is unusual in the sense that he starts off by drawing the sulhuette of his characters, and a rule of thumb is that a cartoon character always should be recognised by their sulhuettes in particular. 
 Exhibition is for both kids and adults. 
Will Eisner is another example of such a name, with for his time a unique style. The Eisner prize is something a prominent cartoonist can get.
Not the least, the material choice of the museum's walls is very pleasant. Wood alternates what I think is concrete, giving this place a soothing sound.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Muscles, unite yourselves

I have been baletting this week, and showdancing. And bachataing, and hiphoping. And jazzfunking, and always taking the stairs up to the apartment. Sixth floor. The Army museum also has a knitting peace-exhibition, which comes from a circus on tour that uses knitting in its performance. So, the exhibition had circus in it as well. Interactive. Ilo documented:
It is ridiculous how muscular one has to be to hang in there. I met one of the circus artists at the exhibition and she seemed light like a feather, which helpes a bit, but it also takes years of training. Tribute to all dancers and acrobats.

Today, I will try out a completely new dance form to me: waacking.

Friday, 22 January 2016

What I look like when I teach

Two of the looks have been documented.

Look number one:

Not only have I been teaching wearing this pink wig, I also walked on the school yard with it on my head. Sixth graders happy, ninth graders happy. I had it to discuss distraction and about daring to dress up to have a theatrical presentation. (And it is deadly hot. I could only keep it on for a few minutes. Outsides, it served as a warm cap.)

Look number two:
Taken in secret at the lab. Probably when I looked for young individuals to not do something wrong with the beakers. (The red bottle from viewer's right is ketchup that we used to dilute the alginate solution a bit.)

For other, completely different looks:
NY Times made this questionnaire that included men.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

The Soviet Union jokes book

Could not resist this pearl at the Army museum. Gellert Kovacs printed this book, and wrote it. Well, collected about 200 sharp-tongued jokes. Here are a few:

At the hotel.
A cleaning lady at a hotel in Moscow saw a foreign tourist watering the flowers in his room.
"Please stop..." she said. "The microphone gets rusty."

In hell.
The old Nazi finally arrives to hell where he sees there is a capitalist and a communist hell. As he does not know automatically which hell he belongs to, he decides to explore both. He goes to the capitalist hell first. There stands Rockefeller and looks bored...
"What is happening here?" the old Nazi asks.
"Here in capitalist hell, we chain you at a bull, then skin you alive with sharp knives and then boil you in hot oil."
"Oh, that's terrible", the old Nazi says and wanders over to the communist hell where he sees the queues are long outsides the entrance. He manages to force his way past everyone and ask Karl Marx, who is the door keeper, what is going on and why this hell is much more popular than the other.
"Well," Marx says, "here we chain you at a mad bull,  skin you alive with sharp knives and then boil you in hot oil."
"But it is exactly the same thing as in the other hell."
"Yes, but sometimes we run out of chains, knives and oil."

Before you and I were born.
Q: Who were the first communists?
A: Adam and Eve. They had no clothes, no apartment of their own, had just one apple to eat and were told they were in paradise....

A secret policeman takes a man to the headquarters of NKVD.
"This man thinks dangerous things", the policeman says to his commander.
"What did he say?" the commander asks.
"I took him in before he could say it out loud."

During one of his travels abroad, Chrustjov arrives to Lichtenstein and is received with pomp and splendour. When he is introduced to the Minister of Defence, he starts laughing.
"Hahaha... Minister of Defence in this tiny country, it got to be a joke?"
Upon which the president of the country remarked:
"Mr. Chrustjov, it is impolite to laugh. I visited Moscow a few years ago and was introduced to the Soviet Minister of Justice, so I kept myself from laughing, even though I also thought it was a joke at first."

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Some Museum Missions are harder than other

I knew about this museum before it opened: a colleague's friends were working hard to open it up. It finally opened its doors in November 2015, and as of January 2016 still it is fully booked till April. I am guessing it will take at least a year before I get a spot.
Not to be confused with Junibacken for younger visitors (the museum above only accepts visitors no younger than 15) or Astrid Lindgrens Näs in Vimmerby.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Prestigeless presentation

Two undergrads and I talk about parents. Turns out K. has parents that fancy agriculture and are farmers on the weekends on an island in the archipelago.

Me: so what do your parents do?
L.: mum is x, and dad likes reading articles.
Me: so, like, humanitarian area?
L.: yeah... and then he likes to think about what he read a lot...
Me: what kind of articles does he read?
L.: well he reads books and discusses too... and is gone part of the time to teach...
Me: cool, where does he go?
L.: Alandic islands.
Me: why?
L.: He has a professorship in philosophy there...

Monday, 18 January 2016

Museum Mission: Stigbergets borgarrum/Anna Lindhagens museum

On this beautiful street,
With this beautiful view,
is Stigbergets borgarrum, also known as Anna Lindhagens museum, found.
She fought for women's rights, was inspecting living conditions of children in orphanages and was called "The protecting angel of Fjällgatan" by the author Per-Anders Fogelström (who wrote the famous thriology about Stockholm) and, just like Anna, protected many houses from the 1900's against destruction. Her family consisted of social democrats and her father was amongst the politicians that planned for a change in the city with big roads like Karlavägen (the 1866 reformation, but let me get back on the proper number, I will check it up next week).
A big "clearup" was made in the area
 between 1982-1983. At that time, these houses still had loos outdoors. Fortunately, many buildings from the 1900's remained intact. Anna herself actually lived in this apartment, now used to show what it could look like at the time, during the six last years of her life. This is also where the TV-series "Fröken Frimans krig" was recorded in part (and a new season is coming up next winter!).
The unusual thing about this museum is that it can be rented for meetings or calm dinners (but own food has to be brought). And on March 8th, 2016, the house will finally get a blue culture sign - seen here and there on prominent and historical buildings in town - so you are welcome to Fjällgatan 34 at 4 p.m.!

Sunday, 17 January 2016

A Treasure Map for Ilo

 For Ilo's birthday, I came up with a treasure map. She would have to walk around in Old town, collect clues and when puzzling them together figure out where her gift was hidden.
22 clues in total, most of them in envelopes but sometimes also revealed to Ilo by friends and family I had asked to stay inbetween and next to historical monuments. This key was one of the more complicated clues that lead to the fountain on the main square.
 The antiquities shop on this street had an Egyptian temple and nextdoors, an actual ancient dungeon. In other words, this mysterious clue was inside a treasure coffin under ground.
 The name of this block was very important. 
All in all, it took two hours to think about and collect the details and everyone was really happy! 

Saturday, 16 January 2016

The reason to my sleepless nights:

this pine cone! It squeaks when it opens, and that takes weeks. This explains the strange, clear sounds at night of things falling down and closing doors (it made other things fall and doors are wooden, hence the association) that woke me up. Normal crop is 20--30 pine nuts per cone, shop said, but this yielded 55. Tips and tricks: for me it worked to just keep it indoors, not above the heater which I believed was a must.
Pine exhibition. 
 Pesto step one.
Pesto step two and three. (Story ends with garlic outruling it all.)
Most interesting of all is that nuts themselves tasted a bit like resin and forest

Friday, 15 January 2016

Between the walls

OMG I am only on the 31st page and I already love it! Want recommend it to everyone! Mayhaps teachers in particular, you guys will SO recognize the details in the dialogue. Also the film, "The Class" (or with the same title in French), is supposed to be very good, although not exactly the same. Probably means you can start with either and still have a great, non-spoiling enjoyable time ahead.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

"I know many of you have been in Vienna, but how many of you were there in 1869?"

"And those of you who were there in 1869, were surely there in 1852", the conductor said.

Because suddenly, I was a a new year's concert that tributed Strauss (the Strausses).
A young girl had walked up to me and offered me a concert ticket outside the concert hall. Just like that.
"We thought it would be a pity if this ticket was not used and the concert starts at eight o'clock."
"What's the time now?"
"A quarter to."
"In that case, what a wonderful opportunity."

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Pimping a calendar.

All black and ugly and not exactly how I want it, I decided to pimp my new fake-crocodile-leather 2016 calendar. (This should perhaps have been a step by step comment-with-picture post, but I got carried away. Also, glued fingers when photographing is not optimal anyway.)
Starting off with: black from behind. Black in the front.
Not black entirely anymore! I am still considering if I should glue some feathers on. The pimpier, the better?
I added a pocket at the back for notes and cards and other necessities. My genius move was to cut the pocket diagonally. #awesome
To keep the pages and pocket's content together, I made a  matching black rubber bracelet with a wooden pearl. The edges are glued to prevent the texture from dissolving into fragments of threads. (I use a glue that takes 24 hours to dry and is good for most surfaces. Dislike hot glue guns.)
No feathers, but tada!
And now even more pimpier!