Friday, 4 December 2015

Part X.

Day twenty, still 83 crowns on my account for the rest of the days ahead and time to reevaluate what I prioritate and why. Having moved on from a delightful, dry October to almost completely wet November and having discovered that the umbrella is broken - is an umbrella THAT important? I am sure there are cultures that loathe these things, I mean why differentiate between protections? Jokes. Anyhow, the right amount of rain gives a romantic shimmer to an outfit. So no new umbrella, not now.

I am baking my own bread today and dig deeper in the cupboard. I tend to never use all of my food supplies, and now is the time. My "treasures" are bean pasta and red quinoa. Little by little, I start to respect food more and try to think of the perfect vegetable or ingredient. What is the ultimate product to have in every meal or on the side? Milk? Flour-based stuff? I know I can get pretty far with milk - I can drink it and get proteins, use it in doughs and pastries, pankakes, I use it instead of whipped cream in many dishes (my own version of pasta carbonara is one of them), as taste enhancer in tea (and coffee), for breakfast with cereals... One also gets quite far with cheese. Not onions, I suppose, not for breakfast, and foremost in "bigger" dishes.
Day twenty-one. I work all this weekend and get to go shopping groceries to make lunch for everyone. Not with my own budget, of course. It goes fine; I am not buying everything tasty that comes in my way. A lady sitting outside the food store asking for money also stitches, which makes me so happy to see. I soon will run out of an SL-card (a travel pass) and actually find one on the escalator! But do I pick it up to check if it is valid? No. So stupid.

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