Sunday, 27 December 2015

My words from 2015, part II

Diakron and diachronic - something that happens over time. A variant of synchronic (for comparison), except that synchronism things happen at the same time.

Белугa (Russian) /huso huso (Latin) - a fish with three beards that can be the size of a human. Has the best caviar in the world, according to one of Sweden's most popular cookbooks.

Incunable/inkunabel - a book printed before 1st of January 1501. How cool! Not one of the hand-written ones, this is important.

Boswellism - a term for constant companion and observer that stems from an English book considered to be the best biography written in that language by James Boswell about Samuel Johnson. I was looking for an English term as elegant as the Swedish "to wallraff" before - this might be it.

Otolaryngology (pronounced oh/toe/lair/in/goll/oh/jee) is the oldest medical specialty in the United States. See more here.

Octogenerian - a person aged something inbetween 80 and 89.

Emulera - att efterlikna något. Datateknisk term.

Preses - ordförande

Luxation - almost like breaking a leg, but not.

Pintxos - a version of tapas.

Balkongflicka - term connected to honour killings.

Chatelain - like an unfolded swiss army knife, but less knife and more spoon. From the Victorian era.

UBO - ultimate business owner. The person who actually is the owner, who Telia people had a hard time finding in Uzbekistan.

Köfke - lamb paddies.

Diktator - door stopper. Never Heard it from anyone else but from a colleague though, and not even internet (!) could confirm this. Hm.

Dictablanda - Sapnish for "a soft dictature". (Welcome hyperventilation, welcome deep contemplation.)

Xylen - poisonous solution do dissolve paraffine and such. If breathed in by a pregnant woman, not good.

Vojvod - slavic leader.

Vänsläktas - be worse off.

Docility - well, judged from description, a person with this quality is easy to hang out with.

Slider(s) - mini burgers.

Sminka grisen - "putting makeup on the pig", or, as you could guess, making business look better than it is.

Ateljerista - a job that connects pedagogics, arts and research. Wow. This is one of those things one wants to have known earlier in life.

Saving clause: I might very well have learned or heard one or two of these word previously in life, but have forgotten it entirely.

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