Monday, 28 December 2015

More hair styles!

It has worked out, it has, but with different ambition levels from day to day. Frequently asked questions: did you do this yourself, and, is that YOUR hair? The truth: a lady at work has suggested I should pop by for a braid or two. We never made our schedules match, so I had to come up with new hair inventions every morning - and then Ilo saved me a lot. And it is easy to forget how I used to look - here are three old posts with me having even LONGER hair.

Fishtail braid! This one I learned how to do myself.
Thank you to the student R who did my hair in seven minutes, between finished class and me running to a taxi (my colleagues were sitting there and calling me).
Original idea: "let's have a stray of disco silver in the pony tail". While in the making: "this works out perfectly! there is silver pretty much everywhere. OH, that is a lot of silver...But, the more silver, the merrier. Is this enough silver? Let me add hair spray to that."
This WAS awesome. It is like more hairpins than hair. No, kidding.
But it COULD have lasted longer.
It was asymmetrically unusual, to put it diplomatically.
 Well, I liked it. For a bit.
It made me look like a pope. Look at the shape of the cap.
Made by me. I am almost surprised I have not come up with the idea myself (I read about it in one of the books), but then everything seems simple once you know it. 
Seastar and Greek goddess combined. This is the day after the Star wars premiere, and technically, I was supposed to have Leia buns by my ears. There was no time, unfortunately. Made by Ilo.

Made by Louise. We freestyled a bit. Also, I love the fruit backdrop.

Louise and I did this bow together.
One of my favourites. Ilo made it all.

I could wear this every day.
Five-braid is the Swedish name. I loved this too. Thank you Ilo.
When I stopped thinking "this is so complicated" and just followed the instructions, voilà!.. "Hair pretzel" is the Swedsih name of this knot.

You could never suspect the beauty going on at the back when seen from the front:
Tada! The most complicated hairstyle so far. Again, a tribute to Ilo.

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