Saturday, 5 December 2015

"If someone spots a hair pin, just say 'what hair pin?'"

I found a few allies. I went to Ilo before work to get my hair done one day, for example, and we tried to create a waterfall braid. Only took us 1.5 hours (instruction said: 5-7 minutes) including the photos. Nevermind that my scalp shined though at some parts.
I now own more hair accessories that I have ever done in my life just to keep it all up. (See topic.)
One morning, I got up 6 a.m. to do curls and for an attempt to purple hair. There were tons of glitter in it as well - so much, that it still looks like there was a Miss Universe competition in my room with a glitter theme.
This is of course not visible on the photos. At all.
This, however, is my favourite so far. Lace matches top and just looks elegant.

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