Sunday, 13 December 2015

Hello, Copenhagen!

Some of us decided to be spontaneous three weeks and go on a holiday trip to København. I slept five hours that night, and 8 something Saturday morning, we got to the middle of the city! Note the numerous bikes.
Which takes 10 minutes from the airport, buy the way. Had been good to know when I was stranded here last summer. 
 I have been here twice before. Each time, I am as glad to see new buildings popping up.
 Christmas was a prominent theme on pretty much everything. 
 And there was SUN! That was up longer than in Stockholm. 
 Christmas theme.
 Hotel d'Anglais has covered the front with Christmas bears.
 Santa clauses were rowing in Nyhavn.
The Fredriks, IV and V, also hanged in there.
We stayed at the Urban house hostel. I am quite sure it is the same building as when I came to Copenhagen for the first time nine years ago, but renovated and with new owners. Cool if true. And in the morning, instead of waking up by the alarm clock, we had to evacuate the building. By the time we got out, the firemen were already there with blinking cars and an ambulance: somebody had smoked in one of the rooms. 
To be continued. 

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