Thursday, 17 December 2015

Pre-Christmas in Copenhagen

I still think very warmly of this weekend. Despite me coughing my lungs off, it was awesome. 
The whole city has roads running through like veins of different times. At least that is how it feels when I think back. The building would then be islets of history, tastefully placed around like shimmering pearls.
The shadow on me is the shadow of numerous tourists. There is a BUS that goes directly (as far as possible) to this place. The little mermaid is called Lille havsfrue in Danish.
I was told that "Christiania is cozy". That is the place where drugs are sold and photos are forbidden, as drugs are still illegal. We went there and I had the guts to ask of the local Christmas market meant a Drugs Christmas Market. Turns out, no.
 Selfie with an old phone outside of Christiania.
At Christiania. There are party houses heavy with graffiti and gardens with relatively cute houses at once. Place has existed for 47 years now and if you candidate for moving in, it is up to your neighbours to decide whether you may or may not.
Nyhavn. Amsterdam light, so to speak.
Juan and Nerea would stop at every corner to make themselves immortal on camera. Juan tried to look like it was not freezing, quite successfully.
I deadly wanted to visit the royal library - a must for me in any new city. Ladies and gentlemen,  the map is WRONG. Too few buildings are marked on it. We had to ask five times to navigate through yards and valves. I ran the remaining few hundred meters through the beautiful and calm park in front of what obviously was the library, but turned out to be a Jewish museum and of course closed. Which in the end was not true; the library consists of two parts - an old an one new. This was the old part, with an exhibition that actually was closed for the day. But the black cool front was open!
Do you see the statues in the windows?
Part of another Christmas market.
Danish pastry <3 I had a chokoladesnitte and a tryksnegl. 
The definition of "super clear" is defined by TWO red signs. Only at this intersection, though.
This was a good pizza place. Good to know if you run out of ideas what to have for lunch or dinner !
The saleswoman at the airport claimed that each of the small bottles contains the J'adore-perfume. I somehow doubt that - they do not have the same colour.
3 p.m. it still was sunny. Such an easy thing to forget when in Sweden - sun.
We were about forty minutes late and more it would be: this machine had to spray on a pink liquid to remove the ice from the wings. Right in front of my eyes.
And I kept thinking: how environmentally friendly is this?
Up in the air, it was a stunning view. (It is not always.)
I tried to look down on the miniature cities and calculate time and distance to localise them. Quite a hard task, so far.
Next time I fly will probably be to London. 

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