Monday, 21 December 2015

Alternative postcards

Tired of antropomorph postcards, with bears and deers wearing knitted sweaters or a short man with a long beard watching a star fall on a village (which technically is super dangerous)? Here are four (or 1.5, depending on how one counts it) more neutral variants.
No Christmas tree in sight.
My friend Marie made the red card: buttons as decorations. Good if you want to recycle (reuse) left-over buttons and if you are tired of glitter. To the right: at least more true than a fat Santa Claus trying to squeeze into a chimney.
Not that much of an alternative, but I fell for this one as the letters "G O D" (which means "tasty" or "nice" in Swedish) form the flames of the candle (which also are a word, 'Christmas'), so elegantly. 
A WOODEN postcard! With stars to take out and use as decorations if you wish.
And the perhaps best solution: the name of every thing you like about Christmas! 

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