Saturday, 21 November 2015

The Great Chandelier chase

A chandelier - a shrug. How hard can it be to find one? (Turns out, hard.) Ok, how hard can it be to make one? (Even harder; you have to have diamond equipment to sand the glass, and education for that. And time.) Right, so maybe I can put a lamp together out of different crystal dated parts? At least I could start with doing research on the net. 

It actually was quite fun to look around for details. I tried to compare models and details among and within brands, and years. It is an investment to purchase an antique thing - if you sell it off, you should not have lost money. On Blocket (for you international readers - THE page where to be when selling and purchasing stuff), I found a super offer on not one but TWO lamps right away: the chandelier à 71 cm in height and a floor lamp à 12 kg. The lady who put up the ad sold both off within five hours and I was the second best candidate as I was interested in both, but not quick enough. "The demand was so high, I could have sold at least ten chandeliers more", she told me in an e-mail. Sigh. Search continues.

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