Wednesday, 25 November 2015

On an asylum seeker's budget, part VIII

Day sixteen: my classes are first going to swim and then to a museum, so I have to bring my own lunch. Oh no. But I have done some research: I could improve my dining habits a lot according to Livsmedelsverket. More fish, more vegetables.
A co-worker tells me that people eat five times a day in Spain, which explains the late lunch and dinner, so that is a key issue to have in mind: how often should I eat and how much? I bring beef in soya sauce, a dish inspired by the Asian kitchen. When I return to the office, a colleague then says that there is picnic food left over in the fridge.
"How convenient - have I told you about my refugee budget?" I ask.
"That is why I am telling you about the food", she says.
There also turns out to be cake. Late that evening I also get a chocolate ball at a café, probably my last self-bought pleasure this week: I have now 83 sek left for nine days.

Day seventeen: fruit offered at work, sandwiches offered at work. Breakfast at work. Very food-focused here, but I realise how little I cook at home even in this position. I get another bookshelf for free that I carry home without any adventures. I will try to repaint it, but will have to use giftwrapping paper as a substitute first.

The friend I played badminton with writes that she forgot to pay for her part when we played badminton - shall she refund me next time we play? I take my chance, suggesting she could invite me for dinner. I mean, I carried a few boxes and such today and now I am shaking of hunger. I text another friend at night and tell her that I have to cancel the planned-for zumba tomorrow; I am simply too afraid that I would faint afterwards. She - oh lucky lord - reminds me of having promised to invite me to a restaurant once and that time perhaps have come.

And, I am willing to die for this axiome: there is such an amount of money that is the best sum to shop food on a long term for. Like, say, if you have 132 sek, you can in 35 different ways plan for meals with the most nutritional food products for three days ahead, always. I let the proof and the numbers be adjusted by all mathematicians and/or enomicists out there, but I take credit for being the founder of the idea of a formula. It surely already exists anyhow.

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