Monday, 23 November 2015

On an asylum seeker's budget, part VII - Make a Wish

Day fifteen is a day off from work. I cleaned out my wardrobe quite a while ago, and now the time has come to actually donate some pretty good-looking stuff to Myrorna.

This is on the news: meals with 50% discount.

A magazine I contacted about my budget project is interested. I have to send previously published articles before job is confirmed.

At a book store where I look for inspiration, there is a Christmas tree for wishes to bE hung uparliament on a piece of paper. "Nothing is impossible! Wish for anything and compete about a book that had to do with your wish." Ok! I wish for the persons who sits outside the shop asking for money to get a longlasting book with many inspirational images.
My brother and I are going to share a meal tonight, so I am good. What bugs me is the loan I gave to a friend yesterday (it cold just as well have been a family member in a faraway country in need). If I am to include this in my refugee situation, making no exceptions, I have 232 crowns left to spend for the coming 11 days. I am deadly convinced it is manageable.

What I have to do is to plan this well. For real - have I ever liked breakfast? (Turns out - in fact, I do not.) Do I actually need to by soap - is there not some plant out there that does its job just as well? How many various dishes can be made with carrots and how much protein do I need? I need free wi-fi to do some research. Stay tuned.

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