Friday, 20 November 2015

On an asylum seeker's budget, part VI. Chocolate, Champagne - and Paris

[One of the aforementioned days, my colleague wonders first if my teacher salary is not enough, then asks if I need to borrow money, then laughs and says I should go dancing on the street to gain some extra cash as he remembers I like dancing. He then suggests I should cook for the entire week and portion that out in tupperware. Detail: I have to get the tupperware somehow first - or make it work with plastic bags wrapped as saris around the foods.]

Day fourteen: today I can shop whatever I want for 17.49 crowns, party! A friend comes to Stockholm and we are meeting up. I generously offer to use all of my budget, but there arises a miscommunication: first, the underlying understanding from her part is that I will have my regular budget back in a month's time, so the attempt to only spend exactly that money fails miserably; I end up taking a loan from her - which is not a problem, but not what I wanted. Usually, we always split the number on the receipt in two even parts, but we ended up having a bill that was not adapted to my situation at all and even though I underlined that the items I was holding was all I could pay for, she still did assume that it did not affect the content of our common dinner plans - very likely because I was happy to see everything tasty in my way and commented happily on it. Wisdom gained: I have to be even clearer. (We talked about it afterwards.) Upon this, I was offered champagne in the evening and chocolate ice cream in the morning by her parents. Life - complex as always.

Day fifteen, I get sandwiches for free at work and a friend puts this on up Facebook:
So it is indeed possible to make certain kinds of phonecalls and web page visits for free when needed by companies - thank you, Tele 2 and Comviq. This one of my insights as a fake refugee - calling all agency's should be for free, and that is just a start. Calling people in need for free is even better. 

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