Sunday, 15 November 2015

On an asylum seeker's budget, part IV

Day nine. This is no fun. But Silvia sent me fruits. A homeless Swedish person asks me kindly if it is ok to sneak behind me on the subway when I swipe my travel card. I say yes, I am glad you asked.
Night nine: do I wake up at 4.21 a.m. because I am mostly hungry or because this is my actual (new) day rythm?

Day ten: a friend and I take a walk in the city. She tells me great sex stories; I go, uhm, aha and then confess that my mind is occupied with food. And mind you: all this time I get lunches at work for free. They are called pedagogical lunches as I have responsibility for the kids in the cantine (but some schools make the teachers pay despite this). This does not indicate how much I actually eat, and it is not a lot; despite my situation, I have yet not gone as far as liking every single dish.

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